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Making Space for New Manifestations

In several of my past posts we’ve been chatting about easing into this new momentum-ish energy, not giving up even when things feel so chaotic and confusing, remembering to offer yourself some grace and kindness, and appreciating that growth can be oh so good! I realize that when we’re in the thick of it, that’s often easier said than done, but I wanted to touch in to see how YOU were feeling and what have you noticed that has started to evolve, shift, and change in your world – good or bad?

I was talking with a several of my Mediumship students over the past few weeks about one of the most important manifesting guidelines we have. The idea is this: we have a desire/want, we launch it out to the Universe, the Universe hears it and responds immediately back to us with the desire/want. What often affects when we see that desire/want come to fruition is in direct correlation to how much space we have available in our lives to allow that manifestation in.

Space can look like a few things – who or what is taking up space (often in a not-so-desirable way) that is preventing something from manifesting in? what doubts? limiting beliefs? judgements? or old narratives are we giving way too much energy to that no longer belong in our vibration but are taking up way too space? OR What or who have we simply outgrown that is holding us back or is not supportive of keeping us unhappy?... which again, is taking up space. I know – a lot of heavy questions to dig into – but don’t worry these don’t need to be done all at once. We simply start with some mulling and let the ah-ha’s begin to blossom. Opening up space or clearing space looks different for everybody too, and how we do that will often change for each circumstance that we’re releasing and shifting.

As I’ve been digging into my own clearing, shifting, and making space, it’s been an interesting journey to see over the years the many things that I can manifest with fabulous, ridiculously joyful ease; and of course the areas where I still feel maybe a little stuck of why something hasn’t arrived yet. Over the past two months now, I have taken a real deep dive into my own practice with a new lens; I’m seeing where Spirit is nudging me to level up, where I am needing to make more space, where I need to not be afraid to allow in *BIG* energy, and most importantly where I need to celebrate investing into ME!

The more work I do with Spirit, the more I realize that the bulk of who I am (a human, a soul, a momma, a wife, a sister, a friend, an aunt) and how I show up for just about every part of my life, is deeply entrenched in who I resonate as in being a healer, in being a medium, and in being this creative conduit and a channel with Spirit. And even in the most subtle and discreet ways (aka: being outside of my office, lol) - I am this energy through and through.

Seeing this truth, stepping into this space, and listening to the nudge of what I feel that Spirit is calling me to be - is how I’m making space. And while I don’t entirely know what that whole picture looks like yet, after enough bonks on the head (thank goodness my guides, loved-ones, and Spirit have a sense of humor with me!), I'm starting to put into motion the pieces that allow me to show up fully, step into beautiful BIG majestic energy, and keep being authentically me.

I share these vulnerable, beautiful thoughts with you, to let you know that you are not alone in what you are feeling. You are not alone in wanting to grow and shift (and also feeling uncertain with what that might look like or even maybe a little fearful of how that might feel). You are not alone in wondering how much more do I need to dig in? You are not alone in wanting MORE, wanting BETTER, and wanting beautiful BIG majestic energy. Promise! I’ll never tell you that any of this work is easy – it is tough, it’s often emotional, and it can be exhausting at times (cue Kelly throwing her hands up to her guides for the 100th time, ha!). BUT… what I will promise you, it’s all completely worth it.

For the first time ever, I’m taking a couple consecutive weeks off this summer to love up my big kids and nephews, recharge my batteries, belly laugh, manifest, and level up with Spirit. I’m rearranging some of my services and how I’ll offer them (woohoo!); I’m stepping into my authentic self as a healer and offering a few new services (you will LOVE these!); and choosing to do more work with Spirit (and YOU!) that I love and operate from a true place of joy.

So how are you looking to level up, clear space, shift, or grow? Who are you being called or nudged to show up as or be for yourself and others? What are you ready to take on, let go of, or embrace more fully? Those are literally the questions I started to ask myself and I hope those inspire you too! Keep your heart and head open to the changing energy, allow in hope (even if you can only muster a teeny-tiny bit), and keep an open mind. Trust me - you are on your way and it only gets better.

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