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Discover the Brilliance of a Life "Reset"

I wanted to talk a little bit about the concerns, worries, and thoughts people are feeling around this energy -- how can we move through it, and of course, keep that abundant energy flowing!

Whenever major changes happen or energy shifts, I have begun to trust in Spirit that it means we are simply awaiting something more brilliant to find its way into our lives or more so specifically in this case, I think a significant "reset" of sorts is needed. Don't get me wrong, while "reset" can sound overwhelming, I think there is a true brilliance that can come from a "reset" -- a shift in thinking, a new awareness, and tremendous growth in only in self, but in all around us.

This energy has truly started to allow many of us to grow spiritually, to heal ourselves and our pesky wounds that have come up to the surface, and to let go of unnecessary emotional baggage (think dysfunctional relationships and friendships, dead-end jobs) once and for all. And in reality, the big things I keep hearing and seeing (virtually, of course!) from clients, is that this energy is bringing things right up to the surface to release everything and anything which made us feel miserable and didn’t serve us anymore. It's some heavy stuff, right? And why now, I'm not sure -- but I think part of surrendering and letting go/allowing, is releasing all the questions and just allowing yourself to be present with the change and shift. I think in reality, we had to get rid of these negative influences that were weighing us down, to help raise our vibration and keep up with the change of energy. You may have been aware of this process or even worked (or are still working!) on it consciously, or “things just happened to you” --- but for certain, you were part of it, and you still are! The long and the short of it – we are learning very quickly how to stand in our own power, embrace our authentic selves, hold onto our own truths, let go of the “baggage,” and find self-worth and value! Tough stuff to wiggle through, as it’s game-changing work -- however even the smallest of wiggles forward, begin to reward us with HUGE dividends of joy! So keep on wiggling -- you’re almost there! As we begin to walk the walk, and talk the talk – sometimes very slowly and even tentatively, many of you are now finally starting to feel something shift. We are finding our true NORTH and trusting that things are falling right into place. Will we still have our challenges and moments where we struggle - sure, but something is shifting, something is changing. One of my favorite words of wisdom from a mentor, “What we’re going through in this moment, we’re going through it NOW because we’re finally strong enough in this moment to climb over, move around it, or go straight through the center.” And of course, when seeking out the advice from Spirit recently, I loved their response too - it doesn’t matter how you do it, just look inside and try to find the blessing in your current situation! When contemplating on the meaning of this powerful statement, I realized that we have the choice to find the many blessings in this greater shift and it should remind us that every situation offers opportunities to grow and learn. When we get flustered with a situation, we basically block the flow of energy and things get worse. However if we can find the blessing in it, supportive and healing energies start flowing to us in great abundance. And it takes practice --- because seriously, how many of us have that knee-jerk reaction to just sulk when life throws us a lemon --- no matter how many affirmations, prayers, mantras, logic we speak and practice. We are human – it is our knee-jerk reaction, to feel flustered. We have to remember that it will ALWAYS work out at the end. It’s important to try to reserve judgment in all things --- be the observer and stay detached. Look for the blessings in every situation --- they will be there in even the most dire of circumstances. Change is the only thing that is sure in your life; however I promise you that whatever you are going through, it is leading you to something better, something more evolved. Through that positive thinking, we are then able to look at the joy, spreading that onto others, and begin to fill them with that divine spark that is already thriving inside of each of us.

And with our 30 Day Manifestation Challenge -- you can ALWAYS fall back to your basics with our 5 original steps for manifestation exercises in the previous newsletter -- sometimes that basic reset, where manifesting is concerned, is all we need to get the abundance flowing and our manifesting kicked into high gear! Whatever your journey may be – know that I’m sending you energy and healing, and always rooting for you to come out as the energetic victor! You’ve got this – trust me!


Building upon the abundance and energy from the 30-Day Manifestation Challenge, I’m thrilled to announce that I'll be holding another interactive The Art of Manifestation Virtual Class beginning on June 6, 2022.

More detailed information can be found here,

Read the outline of what it entails, re: dates, how you can sign up, course fees, and you'll be able to read some testimonials on what my current students have been manifesting, creating, shaping, and bringing into their lives. Facilitating 4 separate sessions of this virtual class in the 2 years has been life changing and I hope you'll join me in this new spiritual adventure with our theme of working towards being best self!

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