Energy Healing Sessions

I've been working with Reiki as a student, teacher, and healer for over 15 years now -- it’s changed all facets of my life from how I look at pain, stress, dis-ease, and overall wellness. I originally pursued Reiki as a tool to help with the sometimes intense energy connected to Mediumship, however it quickly
transformed my life and I was drawn to help others with this new tool.

If I put aside the concept of energy healing for the moment, what it does in its most purest form, is energetic emotional healing. It's all about helping people to release the feelings and life experiences that are holding them back from than shift into something physical. The idea of adding energy healing into the mix, allows us to explore the invisible aspects often overlooked by other types of therapies/modalities.


Energy Healing is all about accepting that you are an energy being -- a being that is much more complicated than just a physical body. Accepting and understanding this, we can then utilize various techniques to restore energy flow to every part of YOU!

Throughout my healing journey, I’ve had the chance to work with Shamans, Spiritualist Healers, as well as other talented energy workers - which has shaped the way I work with my clients energetically. I blend of mix of many of those techniques, my Mediumship, along with my Reiki work, to customize a healing
session to meet that specific clients needs.
It’s truly a 3 part process involving my energy, the clients, and Spirit.

1 hour session - $125 (by appointment only)

Contact Kelly by phone or email to book.