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Trusting the Process and Surrendering to Spirit

If you’ve been following along with my newsletters or Facebook LIVES, you know how passionate I am about Manifesting and LOA (Law of Attraction). They are facets that I bring into every aspect of my life and consciously try to live each day in alignment with being my best self. To be a successful Manifestor though, you have to release the “when's and how's” and truly surrender to the idea of divine timing, and allowing things to fall into place when it’s meant to. So many of you have been chatting with me about needing things to fall into place, wanting that WIN, and to wonder if that “ease” is ever coming…so I asked Spirit for some divine guidance and hope this inspires you to have faith and keep pushing forward.

“Ego says, ‘Once everything falls into place, I'll feel peace.’ Spirit says, ‘Find your peace, and then everything will fall into place." ~ Marianne Williamson

Since we are these fabulous spiritual beings trapped in very real and emotional human bodies -- I know that you have probably stressed yourself out about something you couldn’t control? And at times, I’m still fairly guilty of doing this - it’s the planner in me. And while I talk the talk, and walk the walk about manifesting -- having faith in the difficult moments and slowing down to really listen to what the Universe is telling us is pretty trying stuff! The most ironic thing though, is that it’s always the moments that when we do let go (unconsciously or consciously), that somehow everything seems to then fall into place. For me, it’s always when I surrender and stop worrying over things I can’t change or fix, that I make space for divine intervention and the needed outcome then begins to manifest.

And sometimes we spend so so so much of our time and energy hoping for things that we THINK are right, only to find out that Spirit was leading us in an entirely different direction. Sometimes we agonize, stress, and worry over decisions that aren’t even ours to make, we end up seeing that things end up unfolding exactly how we didn’t imagine -- and yet, it’s exactly right somehow. (Insert Mind Blown EMOJI here, lol!) 🤯

When I start to dig into manifesting my next great want/need/wish (big things and small things), I often find myself thinking about the moments in my life when I worried how on earth an outcome could come to fruition or how something could fall back into place. What I always remind myself, is that it always leads me back to this single truth: the most amazing things (big or small!) fall into place when I trust the process.

Trusting the process means letting go, surrendering to Spirit, and releasing judgement. It means releasing your stronghold on life and embracing that some things will fall apart and some will fall together, but whatever happens will shape you, grow you, and build you into who you’re meant to be. When we finally learn to trust the process, to trust our instincts, to trust our healing journey (no matter how messy or simple), or when we stop looking for the great IT, that’s when we make the room for things to fall into place. We allow the human side of us to, for lack of a better word, stumble upon it. And I think to kick it up another notch, let me pass this thought along -- do you realize that we receive answers, blessings, manifestations, new beginnings, and people when WE decide we’re finally ready to embrace them and worth having them. We can say over and over that we’re ready and that we want something -- but when we truly let go and really go within to connect and declare -- “Okay, I’m surrendering and allowing life to be as it will be...” the Universe smiles and says, “Here you go.”

As we continue to move into this season of illuminations, transformations, and manifestations -- I’ll give you a piece of homework. What if every day for a week, you made a conscious effort to release some control, some worry, or some resistance toward an issue you are trying to manifest an outcome or solution for? What would change for the better, or how would that process of getting what you want, get propelled forward? What beautiful space would become available in your life, because you released and surrendered those thoughts? Things fall into place when we release, and allow -- I am holding space for all you, and asking Spirit to help support life falling into place for you with ease.

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