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Manifest with Kelly

Manifestation Mastery Training

For more details on private coaching and manifestation workshops, go to the Classes with Kelly page.

To browse and purchase the Manifestation Mastery Audio Series, go to the Spiritual Store page.

The fact that you’re interested in Manifestation Mastery at all means that you are ready to change and shift your life. I promise you, you have a truck load of people on the other side that will be supporting you and cheering you on if you choose to go on this adventure! And I promise you, amazing things are just right in front of you just waiting for you to gobble them all up!

In my experience, it’s very common for people to become overwhelmed by the Law of Attraction and the manifestation process. The whole purpose of our soul is to learn and grow and to evolve.


So if we can use the properties and principles within the Law of Attraction, and specifically manifesting to live our best life with ease. to live a life with value and words... why not take advantage of that and utilize that power to attract all of that in? 


This is what I am honored to offer to you for advanced training and support.

Play the video below to hear more!


#1)  PRIVATE COACHING  A great option if you are looking for ME to do all the heavy lifting. Sessions can be done in person or by phone -- and we’ll work together to identify all the abundance you would like to have in your life and then create very simple ways to bring all of that and more into your energy field!  

#2)  6-MONTH VIRTUAL WORKSHOP - The Art of Manifestation

  • This is recommended for those people who are looking to shift toward making manifestation and LoA an everyday part of your life. Maybe you’ve taken some of the webinars or had a coaching session with me and you’re really ready to ramp things up this is definitely the way to go!

  • 6 classes over 6 months via our virtual classroom which is set to go at your own pace

  • Open enrollment is limited to 2 times per year

  • You get both one-on-one and LIVE group attention with me

  • Here we really dig into just about every single pocket of your life.

Art of Manifestation Live Workshop

A Law of Attraction LIVE Group Program to Get Your Mojo-Moving

So You Can Consciously Create Your New Reality!

​The Law of Attraction (LOA) is the most powerful law in the Universe - whatever we are giving our attention to or are thinking about, is drawn to us.  If your current life experience is not as you desire, then you have been “creating by default” which is what most people do. You can, however, easily begin to consciously and deliberately create a new reality for yourself -- starting from where you are right now, no matter what circumstances you might be dealing with! 

Together we’ll:

  • Understand how the universal Law of Attraction impacts all aspects of your life;

  • Learn how to live your life consciously to create the reality you desire, while keeping it simple and easy to apply;  

  • The key concepts of the LOA as well as the techniques, strategies, tools, and resources for creating your desired “new normal;”   

  • The key ingredients to manifesting: grounding yourself, letting go, being clear and allowing, staying focused, and gratefully accepting;

  • We’ll dive deep into how your thoughts, words, and actions affect what you are consciously manifesting;

  • And working with me one-on-one during our “hot seat” sessions, we’ll work together to create a plan of action for you to manifest and live your best life.


For more details on what is included in the workshop, pricing, and dates, go to the Classes with Kelly page.

Law of Attraction Coaching with Kelly

Make real change in your life NOW by changing our mindset opening up to all the Universe has to offer, and allow yourself to continuously receive.  


Wondering how you can have your wants, needs, & desires fulfilled with ease?  Are you looking for a way to bring nothing but the highest and best experiences into your life?   Do you understand the theory “like attracts like,” but are looking for an easier way to apply it to your life?   What if I told you that by just changing your mindset and tapping the thread of abundance that runs through all of us, you can accomplish anything?


After many nudges from my students and select clients, I’m thrilled to be offering one-on-one Law of Attraction and Manifesting Coaching to my clients!  Sessions can be done in person or by phone -- and we’ll work together to identify all the abundance you would like to have in your life and then create very simple ways to bring all of that and more into your energy field!   


Life can be easy, life can be prosperous, life can be full of happiness and your desires can be met – I can’t wait to show you that the sky’s the limit.   During your customized session, we’ll work together to give you the steps to create vision boards, “spiritual” grocery lists, and giving you the manifesting and Law of Attraction basics to create the lift you’ve always wanted.


I’ve been honored to witness hundreds of my students and clients manifest what they want in life. It only takes shifting from a fixed mindset to one which knows that as you change core beliefs, you change your life.  That abundance mindset allows you to always become more -- there is always more and together we can create change and learn the true art of manifesting.

LOA Manifestation Coaching starts at
$180 per hour

To book LOA Coaching with Kelly, go to the Bookings page.

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