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Feeling a bit lost these days? THIS will inspire You!

If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, you know that what I write about is inspired by patterns. Patterns from Spirit, patterns you all chat with me about, and patterns that plop in front of me in my day to day activities. Over the last 8 months, the most common pattern has been about this overwhelming feeling of being lost.

Life is absolutely not a straight line, going from point A to point B. I always visualize that my life blueprint is this wild combination of circles, swirls, ups and downs, and highs and lows – with my Guides having a good chuckle (and possessing lots of erasers) at all the remodeling and revising they are always doing during this adventure, I call life.

That feeling of not knowing what you’re doing with your life, why are things standing still, or even where the heck am I going – those are some of the most frustrating feelings we can encounter. And I think what makes it more complicated, is that instead of learning how to cope, adapt, and thrive with those emotions/feelings, we tend to fight it.

Life is always in motion and if you feel like you haven’t gotten the foggiest clue on what you’re supposed to be doing with your life, that’s okay. What I do know for sure, is that it’s a phase that will pass, but I felt moved to share with you a few things from Spirit that I hope will bring you some inspiration and direction to start.

No One Has it “All Figured Out.”

First and foremost, let’s agree on two things: No one has it all figured out. And if they tell you that they do, they’re full of it, ha! Consider this: every business is constantly trying to figure out how to grow their customer base and improve their empire. Every couple in a relationship is constantly trying to figure out how to keep it working and still be their best selves as an individual. Every new parent is trying to figure out how to maneuver their way through parenthood and keep it all together. No one has it all figured out – every beautiful soul is figuring it out as they go!

You’re Changing The Way You Think, and That’s Sooooo a Good Thing!

One of the biggest lessons that have come to the surface for many people over the last two years specifically is the energy of “out-growing” things. Oftentimes we’re feeling lost because the things we once valued, treasured, or supported are no longer the things that matter or are in alignment with your highest and best good – and do you know why?

Simply stated – it's because you are no longer your younger self. No matter your age or where you are in your life experience, at one point you set goals and dreams for who you *thought* (key word here!!) you would want to be. But as the seasons of life change, you grew, evolved, transitioned, bloomed, and started a new path to let things fall into place and embrace the path your soul was destined to be on. You transformed into a new ideology; you changed the way you think; and you probably had (or are having) an idea that the future you had laid out for yourself, doesn’t necessarily resonate with the values or treasured ideas that you have for your present day self.

The incredible person you are today is not responsible for being the person you once thought you would become. The incredible person you are today is solely responsible for the person you want to be today.

So the huge question is: -- Who do you want to become? -- What’s calling you? -- What does your heart so ferociously seek?

What happens when you ask yourself these questions? I was shocked by my answers. As a matter of fact, for the last 3 months I’ve asked myself these questions once a week. So if you find that you want to write, then just write. If you want to launch your own side business, then find a way to start that journey. If it’s to change up your relationships, then start finding a way to make new connections.

I think that as uncomfortable as it can feel – feeling lost CAN BE A GOOD THING! It simply means that you have now come full circle to realize that you no longer want what you once did, you’re starting to shift the way you think, you’re starting to find what’s in alignment with your highest and best good, AND all of that is a sign of growth. So give yourself permission to question what you want today.

And what’s important to remember, that as you give yourself permission to discover what and where YOU are wanting to grow into or toward, remember that you don’t need to know the outcome. All you need to do right now is the work itself. And if by some chance, in all this feeling of lost and stuck-ness, you are struggling to know which direction to take – remember this, any direction is better than no direction.

A mentor of mine delivered a sermon in which he talked about people feeling lost and not knowing what path to choose, and the one saying that stuck out to me and I remember clear as day is – If You Walk, The Path Always Appears. As you move in a direction, the answers unravel. And as you continue to step forward, you will begin to see the possibilities. Motion always leads to clarity, because action inspires more clarity than thought.

When we stop asking ourselves “What am I doing with my life?” and start asking “What am I doing with my every day?” - we begin a process of allowing space to the path to manifest and appear. So I’ll ask you – What are you doing with YOURS today? That’s the question that you should answer, and if the response doesn’t inspire you or leaves you feeling a little “uhhh,” that’s okay, use that as a data point to understand that tomorrow, you need to change the actions of your day.

And if you still can’t create a clear picture of what you want your future to look like, that’s absolutely okay. Take your time with it and just start allowing yourself to feel every part of it. If you’re feeling lost, take it day by day. Focus on what you can do with your TODAY! Focus on what you want to do with your existence. Do something worthwhile, something that matters to YOU! Choose just one thing, and do it every single day. Let it be the anchor to your day. And stick with it, I promise it will lead you somewhere positive.

At the end of your day, what if you asked yourself these questions: “What good have I done today?” - “What’s something valuable that I’ve done for myself today?” - “What value have I added to my life today?” - and “How have I moved my life forward today?” You may have some great clarity or insight from those answers, hopefully providing you with the space to feel a little lighter and a little more loving to yourself. I’m holding space for all of you and sending great juju your way.

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