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How to Strengthen Your Connection With Spirit

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

As many of you know, each of us are born with the ability to heal, connect in with Spirit, and listen to our intuition. Like all other talents, abilities, or gifts in our lives if we choose not to use them, we will forget how to use them.

I've often been asked by my students and clients about what to do when you feel you've lost your connection to Spirit, feel a general sense of disconnect from the Universe, or just plain and simple can't get that spiritual mojo moving in the right direction.

There are lots of reasons our mojo, energy, or connection with that vibration that is oh-so bigger than us can seem suddenly quiet, or even appear to go dormant. And trust me, if there's one thing I know for sure, it absolutely hasn't gone dormant no matter what you "think" might be going on!

So let's take a step back first and talk about a few scenarios. Perhaps there have been times in your life when you were very intuitive, very connected-in with Spirit, but it may have frightened you and for whatever reason you shut it off. Or let's say that you were receiving messages or signs from the Universe, and instead of paying attention to them for whatever reason, you likely brushed it aside, allowing your ego to convince you it was all your imagination.

Or as life often does, you got thrown quite a curveball (ie: crisis, drama, stressor) and you just weren't able to feel or connect in with or receive from Spirit/the Universe/your Guides/your loved-ones they way you once did, and now you feel utterly and totally alone.

Or let's even say that what you feel you were receiving from Spirit just didn't seem to resonate and you might feel like you are getting bogus information. Whatever the reason, sometimes we just go through shifts or periods where we can't get out of our own way and connect in with our divine source.

People talk about feeling "stuck" on their spiritual journey, but what if we are creating that feeling?

Have you ever asked yourself:

  • Am I truly being open to whatever divine path Spirit is guiding me on?

  • Am I putting off moving ahead, growing, or evolving?

  • What simple things can I do to reconnect, to evolve, to grow?

  • Can I make a mental list of gratitude each morning or take 5 minutes to breathe and ask the Universe for support for a successful day?

  • Can I dedicate some time to read on various spiritual topics (Law of Attraction, Reiki, or Honoring Your Intuition) to lift my mind's vibration?

We can also feel stuck or that we've lost that mojo when we start working with Spirit in new capacities as well. If you were very visual in your connection to Spirit (seeing in your mind's eye for example), you may now be aware that you are sensitive to scents or hearing things, but see very little. Don't panic, it is just another way you are opening up and try try try to accept and welcome these new avenues and soon you will discover that you're just broadening your spiritual horizons.

When I first started doing readings all those years ago as a young girl, I remember my physical mediumship (seeing with my physical eyes and hearing with my physical ears) developing so very quickly! I was blown away and sometimes overwhelmed with what I started seeing, hearing, and experiencing from Spirit.

Some years later, after the death of a family member that - for lack of a better word -emotionally side-tracked me, I shut down the part of me that was physically seeing Spirits. I was saddened at the loss of this ability (which was thankfully just temporary), and perhaps even devastated to a degree that I could not work with Spirit this way.

However, during this time, what happened is that I began to dive into automatic writing, working with audible phenomena, and paying much more attention to my senses of what I could physically feel around me. As I embraced these new abilities, I was also blessed with my physical/visual mediumship to be back up and running! (phew!)

What I ended up learning from that experience, was the more I let go of my ego (fears, blocks, etc.), the more I ended up receiving knowledge-wise, and the closer I became to Spirit. It ended up being on the greatest gifts/lessons I was ever taught.

We need to embrace the baby steps and trust that we are given things at the right time but also when we are the most willing to accept them. In order to move ahead, we always need to let go a little bit (for me, something that was incredibly important to my mediumship), put our ego aside, and release the limits that we put around ourselves, release all that blocks up that spiritual mojo that we so desperately want to keep on flowing.

No matter where you are in your journey, there will be times where you feel stuck and flustered - trust me, it happens to the best of us. I promise you that you are not forgotten, cut-off, or abandoned by Spirit. Even though you might feel alone, Spirit, the Universe, your guides, and your loved-ones are silently looking on, ready to help when we ask.

In the most loving of ways, we are the problem, BUT we are also the solution!

Keep an open heart and mind, and of course hold onto your patience and keep your expectations realistic. Open the channels of your receptiveness, by simply reminding yourself: I am open to receive. (Or as I like to say to Spirit - BRING IT ON!) Remember, you attract what's around you.

And remember, you never know how your Guides, Spirit, or your loved-ones on the other side will contact you. Sometimes the gestures will be big and grand; other times, they will be just mere feelings, gentle whispers in your heart or your ears, or a fleeting visual. Sometimes, these signs are even more powerful than a huge clap of thunder!

Once you connect in, you'll realize that the sign and the journey with Spirit is what matters. When you're facing challenges, you can still know that your guides have your best interests at heart, and that they will be there for you at just the right time. When you aren't looking for it, all kinds of great things can happen unexpectedly.

When you open up your mind and heart, you'll start to recognize that the coincidences that seem so fortuitously timed are intentional messages and guidance from Spirit. I always encourage my students and clients to chat up everyone on the other side -- ask your Guides to help you clear your heart, to get rid of the negativity and fear, and replace it with the peaceful, loving energy of positivity.

And we can't forget about our Ego's - our beloved Ego can be one of the biggest trip-ups of all. When it's chattering away in our ears that it knows best, tell it to shush-it for a bit! When you're analyzing everything, you can break the connection with Spirit. Some of the sweetest moments come when you have sudden clarity and insight that you hadn't seen before.

Your Guides and loved-ones want you to have faith in them - for when you have faith, you allow them the space to help manifest all the miracles they want for you.

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