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Ever Wonder Who Is On Your Spirit Team?

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

In the last 6 weeks of 2022, I gave my bi-weekly Mediumship Students a challenge for the remainder of that calendar year – dig deep into who makes up your tribe on the other side and start incorporating them into your everyday life. Now, I may have given them a tiny bit of support by channeling a new Spirit Guide and Archangel that wanted to work with them too *wink wink* — but my ultimate goal was to help them grow that incredible team of energy that is always there supporting them, helping them to dig into this incredible journey of life, and most importantly to connect in with that energy that wants to keep helping all of us to choose a path that helps us heal.

As I started seeing clients in the first few days of 2023, so many of you started asking, (ironically)

"Who is on my spirit team and how can I connect in with them?"

What I had thought was going to start out as just a pattern for a few days, has now turned into a daily occurrence. So these patterns have prompted me to start the process of putting together some new pre-recorded webinars (think…Spirit Guides, Archangels & Ascended Masters and Spirit Animals, leveled-up and on demand) and, to dig into my own deeper practice of connecting in with new guides and of course, my tried and true ones who have been working with me well over 25 years now (I’ll share more about this later).

Tribe, Group, Posse, People – whatever you want to call them,

I promise that EACH OF YOU have this carefully chosen and recruited group of beings that are completely devoted to your growth.

Many of these beautiful energies have had lifetimes here on Earth to learn, grow, play and feel deeply — AND just like you - have their own incredible tool belt of gifts, wisdom, and experiences that can contribute to YOU living YOUR best life. Perfectly suited to your highest calling, their only job is to support you and guide you as much (or as little, if you’re a touch stubborn at times, ha!) as you wish.


So before we get into the the ways you can connect in with your people, let’s talk about *who* could be in that amazing spiritual team.

To keep things simple and easy to start, let’s break our tribe down into a few categories:

  • Spirit Guides (or Guardian Angels)

  • Archangels, Ascended Masters

  • Loved Ones (deceased individuals in our soul circle)

  • and Evolved Energetic Beings

Spirit Guides (or Guardian Angels): are often an archetype that provides information and guidance that you need. For example, you might resonate with the idea of a wise old academic guiding you along your path; and when you tap into that energy you might feel this powerful wise being, but may not always get a name or essential details from her/him. These archetypes help us see aspects and dimensions of ourselves that maybe we haven’t embodied yet. They are an energy that has finished its karmic life cycle and works only with US - we share these energies with no one else and can have an unlimited quantity of them to work with. They also help with the creation and facilitation of soul contracts and overall life paths.

Archangels: think of this group as appointed specialists and angelic volunteers to assist us directly through the gifts bestowed upon them, and they act as an advocate on our behalf for the delivery and answering of our prayers. Archangels have been given the monumental task of managing life on Earth, including supporting the creation and facilitation of soul contracts, life paths, the spiritual development of souls, order within the natural world, and much more. Each one has specific areas of concentration and can be called upon at any time for assistance. And don’t worry, we can’t wear them out with our requisitions, they can be in more than one place at a time, and most importantly they can help facilitate the miracles we experience!

Ascended Masters: are now Spirits that have lived a human life and have ascended to another level of their evolution; think deities, religious figures, visionaries, and saints. They are these high-vibrational, enlightened Beings of love and light. The roles of different Masters may be varied, but their purposes are the same: assisting humanity on our own ascension, and to increase our awareness of the spiritual forces that permeate the Universe. And like Archangels, we can’t wear them out with our requests and they can be in more than one place at a time.

Loved Ones (deceased individuals in our soul circle): these are your family members, ancestors (known or unknown), and friends who have transitioned to the other side, and are helping to keep you out of trouble! Now these people are still doing some of their own healing, so they aren’t with you 24/7, but they do have a vested interest in seeing you live your best life. Often our loved-ones will keep on growing/healing through our living experiences too. They love giving you signs, communicating with you, and reminding you that life continues with great joy long after we leave this human experience.

Evolved Energetic Beings: and then there are the energies that just can’t be labeled or put directly into a category – think high-vibe, perhaps a silhouette full of color, a voiceless voice, no gender or name – and maybe the only way that you know they’re around is because of the energy you feel while in your presence. We could spend hours talking about this category, but I’ll give you that easy snapshot for now.


So you've got an idea of *who* you can work with – now how can you start to bridge that deeper connection? I’ve listed below a few of my favorite ways to work with my people and hope this helps to give you a starting point:

Ask Clearly & Deliberately – anyone on your Spirit Posse can guide you with anything from finding parking space for your car, to healing a broken heart, from experiencing more joy, to finding the right job, from meeting your future partner, to getting you through your darkest hour, from finding the courage to step into your highest calling, and to even letting go of the past. No request is too big or too small, too specific or too broad. But because we live in a world of free will, in order for them to step in, first we must ask. So ask, give gratitude for their energy, and be ready to receive/accept support.

Ask For a Sign – our Spirit Tribe LOVES to give us signs. Why not pick a particular object that you want to receive as a way of communicating with an energy in your tribe? It could be anything from a penny, a certain symbol, a series of numbers, a song – you name it! (And sometimes the energy you’re working with may tell you what sign they’d like to give you too!) My daughter started asking one of her guides to give her a sign recently, and she was drawn to asking for a Hawk from this particular guide. As we were driving in the car the other day, we saw 6 hawks all diving and flying in front of us in our short 10 minute drive. She took that as a clear sign she was being heard and supported!

Create a Sacred Space - create a sacred space to connect with your team every day. It could be a space in your mind’s eye to find some quiet for 5 minutes, or a cozy place in your home – just like any relationship in our lives, in order for it to grow, we must invest quality time into it. Even 5 to 10 minutes a day is plenty of time to get to start working with these incredible energies. (I often talk with my tribe while driving into the office every day.)

Automatic Writing - one of my favorite ways to connect with any Spirit is through the process of automatic writing. Start by setting a prayer of intention to be open to Automatic Writing for your highest and best good, get cozy with a new journal that you’re only dedicating to this communication, and most importantly a very open and excited mind. You can start by just journaling what’s on your mind, and then watch your writing shift into insight, guidance, and support from your team.

Chat with Your Friendly Neighborhood Medium - and if all else fails, reach out to me to set up an appointment for a reading and I’m happy to do the heavy lifting to make those connections for you!

In all seriousness though, I am in such awe at how many of you are wanting to build your Spirit Tribe and have such a strong desire to want to understand more about how these incredible beings can support you. For me to do that work with you too – it’s truly such an honor and privilege to bridge that connection. And if you’re on the fence about digging into your team – let me tell you what amazing things can be built from that support. We’re talking game-changer, miracles abound, intentions being heard, high vibe levels on all incredible things! Just you wait and see! ;)

And on a very personal note…in all of these nudges, I’ve also challenged myself over the last month to start making deliberate (and routine) time to connect in with some of my previous teachers/mentors/colleagues who are on the other side now. The connection, comfort, happy tears, wisdom, advice, support, and love they have shared with me is invaluable and has filled my heart with emotion I’m still trying to put into words. I hope over the next few months to share some of that with you all, and I can’t wait to launch my next set of webinars that will also give you specific instruction on how to tune into your Spirit Guides, Archangels & Ascended Masters, and Spirit Animals...stay tuned!

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