JAN thru JUNE ---- The Art of Manifestation Virtual Workshop (6-pt Class)
MAR/APRIL --- Space Clearing (4-pt Class) 
MARCH --- Practical Mediumship, Intuitive Dev. (4-pt class)
MARCH 27TH ---- Reiki 1 Class - SOLD OUT
APRIL/MAY/JUNE ---- Advanced Energy Healing
APRIL 17 & 18 ---- Reiki 2 Classes
MAY 3RD ---- Automatic & Inspirational Writing - Divine Guidance Workshop


Putting the Connecting in With Spirit Workshop series together came about mostly due to the fact that I had more people wanting to join my live workshops than I had space to hold them in the room... not a bad "problem" to have right?  Well, thanks to today's amazing technology, I now have the ability to offer my in-depth workshops to anyone worldwide at the click of a button.


This series of 7 pre-recorded workshops are available individually on audio MP3 files that you can easily listen to online or download to your computer or mobile device.


Throughout this series you'll receive an in-depth explanation of each topic, opening up your mind, debunking myths, guiding you through exercises so you can connect in with Spirit from the comfort of your own home and with practice you'll be able to communicate and receive messages anytime you want.

Here are the topics covered:

 Working With Your Spirit Guides

Connecting in With Our Past Lives

 Automatic Writing: Divine Guidance From Spirit

 Using Universal Laws of Energy for Manifestation

 Connecting to & Working With Archangels and Ascended Masters

 Living in and With Diving Energy

Working With Your Gut Instincts & Intuition


Here's what participants had to say:

"Thank you for the amazing experience during last night’s Spirit Guide Webinar!  I learned so much and had a wonderful time. It was my first time doing a webinar and it was so easy!"   -CW


"I can’t believe that I was able to tune into 2 of my guides last night during the Spirit Guide Webinar!  I have tried for years (unsuccessfully!) to tune into them and finally last night I made this great connection.  I feel like I’ve opened up a door to a new part of myself, thank you Kelly!" -AS


"The Spirit Guide Webinar was a blast!   I wasn’t sure what to expect and was impressed with how much I learned, how easy it was to meditate, and how much it has given me to think about.  The digital downloads from your guided meditation cd were a big draw to signing up too. Like you’ve said before, I can’t wait to see what spirit has in store for me."  - VR


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NOW $27


Automatic Writing - Divine Guidance from Spirit Webinar Replay

Instant Digital Download


Automatic/Inspirational writing is the process, or product, of writing material that does not come from the conscious thoughts of the writer. The writer's hand forms the message, and the person is unaware of what will be written. It is sometimes done in a trance state and other times the writer is aware of their surroundings but not of the actions of their writing hand. It's a very non-scary form of channeling from spirit guides, loved ones, or a God source as you are guided to download & record their perspective. 


Automatic/Inspirational writing can also be created through typing on a computer.  Some of the most divine guidance that we can receive from Spirit for direction, insight, and inspiration can come from this process.  During this hour, listeners and students will engage in several guided exercises in which we will experiment with Automatic/Inspirational Writing during this hour-long class. You'll go through the "basic recipe" for how to prepare your space, your mind; helpful tips on what to say, what to ask for, how to invite in guidance, and set your intention for a writing session.


Be sure you have a pen & paper ready or your fingers at a keyboard!


Previously $45

NOW $27


Another Place, Another Time - Connecting in with Our Past Lives Webinar Replay

Instant Digital Download


Have you ever had the thought, “I must have done something right in a past life to have the life I’m living now?” Perhaps, you have wondered how many past lives you have had, if someone in your present life was with you in a previous one, or whether your actions, likes, dislikes, fears/phobias, or adventures in a previous lifetime have made a difference in the type of life that you are now living today. Do you wonder what deja vu really is or whether your re-occuring dreams/nightmares are signs of past traumas carried over from a previous life?


Past Lives are a spiritual investigation and belief in reincarnation. Investigating one’s Past Lives can be conducted through hypnosis, guided or facilitated meditations, or other trance inducing activities; this then allows a person to be regressed to learn about their past lives, particularly traumas,  connections with soul mates or current living relationships, and karmic events associated with issues and patterns in one's current life. During this hour students will engage in several exercises to examine at least 2 of their past lives. No prior Intuitive abilities are necessary for this class.   

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Working with Your Spirit Guides Webinar Replay

Instant Digital Download

What is a Spirit Guide? How many do we have?  How do they help us? Do they give us signs to let us know when they are around?  How do we connect with our Spirit Guides? Everyone has at least one Spirit Guide, and you need not display mediumistic abilities to communicate with your own guide!


These are just a few of the questions we explored in this exciting workshop! Listeners were lead through two meditations and exercises and had the opportunity to meet their Spirit Guides and learned how to cultivate those relationships now and in the future.  We also discussed the different types of guides that come into our lives daily to help us along.

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Using the Universal Laws of Energy to Create & Manifest Abundance in Your Life Webinar Replay

Instant Digital Download


Wondering how you can have your wants, needs, & desires fulfilled with ease? Are you looking for a way to bring nothing but the highest and best experiences into your life?


Do you understand the theory “like attracts like,” but are looking for an easier way to apply it to your life?  Well this workshop is for you!


In this workshop, we'll identify all the abundance you would like to have in your life and then create very simple ways to bring all of that and more into your energy field! Life can be easy, life can be prosperous, life can be full of happiness and your desires can be met – with the help of Spirit, this workshop can teach you how.


During this hour we’ll work together to give you the steps to create vision boards, “spiritual” grocery lists, and giving you the manifesting and Law of Attraction Basics to create the lift you’ve always wanted.

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NOW $27


Connecting to & Working w/the Archangels & the Ascended Masters Webinar Replay
Instant Digital Download


We have this entire “crew” of amazing spiritual beings that are working with us on the other side every day and most people don’t even realize who they are.


Get ready to connect in with and learn all about Archangels & Ascended Masters on this empowering workshop.


Join Kelly as she talks about these two groups of Spirits who know how to get things done, change lives, and enhance your spiritual work. 


During this hour, you’ll learn the difference between the two groups, work together using guided meditations to connect in with someone from each group, and learn the ways that you can invoke their energy daily to help you live a more fulfilled life!   

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An Energetic Symposium:  Living In & With Divine Energy Webinar Replay
Instant Digital Download


Are you looking for various ways to create the best possible space in your home, workplace, or life?


This Energetic Symposium touches upon various aspects in which students will learn how to shift, clear, enhance, and heal energy to create a peaceful, anxiety-free, loving, supportive, and nurturing  environment.


During this hour, listeners will be introduced to the following:


  • Creating Sacred Space for Life (learning ways to balance your personal energy every day and to clear out negativity once and for all!)

  • Smudging Your Space (students will learn about the Native American practice of Smudging with Sage and how using it can positively impact you and your environment)

  • Creating a Crystal Grid (students will be taught how to use crystals to create a grid of divine energy, protection, and healing around you, your home, or office)

  • Protecting Your Energy (students will learn several activities that will teach basic skills of protecting your energy from everything from draining individuals to health issues). 

Previously $45

NOW $27

Working w/ Your Gut Instincts, Intuition & Keeping Great Energy Habits Webinar Replay

Instant Digital Download


How many times in your life has someone given you the advice of “Always Trust Your Gut?” Do you ever get that nagging feeling deep in your belly, nudging you to do something, say something, or to follow your instinct? Well of course you do, we all have intuition and this webinar is going to help you to learn to fine tune it and honor those amazing vibes! 


During this hour, we’ll explore the topics of: how to listen to your intuition, trusting your gut, what to be aware of when your instincts are calling you, and creating great energy habits to keep you in tip-top shape and able to listen clearly to those beautiful instincts.


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