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This has become a VERY popular service that I've been offering to better help support you when you are contemplating a life-change or when those curveballs and bumps in the road are sometimes popping up that you need some clarification on. 

We all know that sometimes life throws us a curveball and we find ourselves on an unexpected path wondering which way is up.  We look in both directions, hoping for some answers, guidance, or support and sometimes just need a little “divine insight” to help us shift our circumstances or truly know how to proceed.  Whether it might be the loss of a loved-one, a change in one’s career path, or a shift in relationship -- whatever it is, I wanted to offer a brief way for my clients to receive direct, spot-on guidance from Spirit with a fast turnaround.  


How it works is submit the 2 Burning Questions you have about your quandry, curveball, shifted path, or situation --  and I’ll email you back a recorded response full of detailed, meaty, fine-tuned insights from Spirit (mp3 format) within 7 business days of receipt of questions/payment.   


After you make your payment, check your email for your digital receipt.  In that receipt you'll see a link that reads DOWNLOAD, that PDF will direct to a brief online form where you'll submit your 2 questions.

2 Burning Questions Mini Reading (2BQ)

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