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Law of Attraction Manifestation Coaching

Make real change in your life NOW by changing our mindset opening up to all the Universe has to offer, and allow yourself to continuously receive.  


Wondering how you can have your wants, needs, & desires fulfilled with ease?  Are you looking for a way to bring nothing but the highest and best experiences into your life?   Do you understand the theory “like attracts like,” but are looking for an easier way to apply it to your life?   What if I told you that by just changing your mindset and tapping the thread of abundance that runs through all of us, you can accomplish anything?


After many nudges from my students and select clients, I’m thrilled to be offering one-on-one Law of Attraction and Manifesting Coaching to my clients!  Sessions can be done in person or by phone -- and we’ll work together to identify all the abundance you would like to have in your life and then create very simple ways to bring all of that and more into your energy field!   


Life can be easy, life can be prosperous, life can be full of happiness and your desires can be met – I can’t wait to show you that the sky’s the limit.   During your customized session, we’ll work together to give you the steps to create vision boards, “spiritual” grocery lists, and giving you the manifesting and Law of Attraction basics to create the lift you’ve always wanted.


I’ve been honored to witness hundreds of my students and clients manifest what they want in life. It only takes shifting from a fixed mindset to one which knows that as you change core beliefs, you change your life.  That abundance mindset allows you to always become more -- there is always more and together we can create change and learn the true art of manifesting.

Law of Attraction Manifestation Coaching
$180 per hour
Each additional appointment will be at the rate of $165 per hour.  Your customized session includes working on creating a vision board, "spiritual" grocery list and more!


“I’ve been taking classes with Kelly for years.  I always look forward to when she take on the topic of manifesting and the Law of Attraction.  The last two years I have manifested major things (think new car, new house, better paying job!) into my life from the tools we put together.  With Kelly’s guidance and help, I have manifested huge things, but also hundreds of little things into my life that I thought were unattainable.  I now see Kelly privately quarterly for manifesting sessions, to focus in on my manifesting and choosing a life of abundance.”


  • M.S., Albany NY

“For years after my divorce I struggled with finding a partner and was struggling with meeting a compatible person.  I was scattered with what I wanted and needed, and also struggled with negative self talk on what I deserved and where my self worth was.  I sat down with Kelly and we came up with a “grocery list” of that I was I was trying to manifest in a partner and the concept of a relationship as a whole. I set my mind to our LOA work, released some old patterns of thinking, and within two months I connected with a wonderful woman, who is now my wife. We have an amazing relationship and I’ve shifted how I view myself and what life has to offer, due to my work with manifesting and Kelly. Kelly also officiated our wedding ceremony in 2017!”


  • Peter M., Clifton Park, NY


“I was ready for a shift in my life and had already been seeing Kelly for readings for many years.  We talked about using LOA and Manifesting in our readings, but I wasn’t ready to apply the practices.  Within the last three years I have worked to manifest new friendships, a new career path, a new home for my family, and also a successful Reiki practice.  I am proud of all that I’ve accomplished with Kelly’s help and can’t wait to see what the Universe continues to unfold for me.”


  • Maggie Buchanan, Burlington, VT

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