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Spiritual Business Coaching

Would you like to find abundance and success out of doing something that you LOVE?  


Are you in a healing or service industry wanting to start a business, or a small entrepreneur ready to take it to the next level?  


With getting into this industry you’ll need more than conventional business tools to build and grow an abundant business that connects you to who YOU really are -- which is what holds your true purpose in life.

As a visionary and creative entrepreneur, the general idea of what you want to do may come easily, but the specific how-to can be much more difficult. I provide a step-by-step approach to building a business that is both authentic and empowering: the nuts and bolts of how to be successful in business while honoring your values, beliefs and unique vision.

Does this sound like you?
You are confused about the best way to get started.  You are multi-talented and don’t know how to integrate what you love to do in a holistic way.  You want to set a solid foundation before making the leap to quit your job. You don’t know much about marketing or managing a business.
Your beliefs about money and abundance are holding you back.  You are overwhelmed and confused about how or when to get started.

Here's how I can help

I can guide you on the path to create a business suited for YOU without having to reinvent the wheel. And even if you already own a business, I can help you make the adjustments and tweaks to find abundance and success.  We’ll work together to create an empowering business model
that makes YOU the expert in YOUR own field.  


Together we’ll work to integrate your dreams, passions and experience to become the expert in YOUR own field, create an empowering business that sets YOU apart from similar ones, we’ll design strategies and marketing that suit YOUR personality, and we’ll work together design an empowering road map to YOUR SUCCESS!

My approach to business is of a spiritual nature, which means I believe YOU have something special and unique to contribute.  I use my many years of experience as an entrepreneur and medium/intuitive, along with years of work in PR, fund development, and marketing to help you make the best choices to connect to your ideal clients.

Schedule a Discovery Session and Let's Get Started!
Let’s talk about your life path, goals, and aspirations to find the best way to work together.  With my spiritual business coaching, you will design your business around your empowering story and passion.  This is the core of your business that carries your soul signature. It holds your big WHY—what makes YOU unique and an expert in YOUR own field. This is where you draw clarity, direction, motivation and your marketing from.   


We’ll work together to:


  • Understand who your ideal client or customer is.  To convert prospects into customers you need to be clear about who your clients are, what they are looking for, and why they would benefit from working with you.

  • Clarify your message for greater attraction and impact. Your message is the bridge between your business and your clients. It needs to stand out, reflect how unique you offering is, and connect you to the type of clients that are looking for YOU or would benefit from your services.

  • Find the best marketing for your service or product. Not all marketing tools work for all entrepreneurs or all types of business. We will find what best resonates with your talents and offerings, so you can focus your efforts on what gets you results.

  • Understand and change your money story. If you are not aware of your money story and how it shapes the way you do business, unconscious negative beliefs and money drama will get in the way of your personal and business growth.

  • Transform your mindset for growth. Without the right mindset, your fear, self-doubt, insecurity and distorted beliefs about money and self-worth will try to run your business and stop you from moving to the next level—no matter where you are.

Metaphysical, Healing and Spiritual Business Coaching
$850 package
*LIMITED AVAILABILITY -  Includes initial 90-minute session plus 4 additional 30-minute follow up sessions. Additional business coaching hours are $165 per hour.


“Kelly has a gentle and loving, yet strong intuitive and intelligent approach that allows you to be yourself while you strive to evolve on your life path. I am now able to avoid the patterns that typically hold me back and embrace my power and creativity.  She has been a tremendous help with everything from my website branding and copy, and the setup of my Reiki classes and how to market myself to my clients. I feel more streamlined and ready to expand.”

— Christina Schultz, Vermont



“In the midst of starting my business as a medical intuitive and healer, I was looking for guidance and support to help me navigate the process from someone who really understood the industry that I was in.  After working together for a few months I have a much better grasp on how to market and to whom. Kelly got me thinking outside of the box and we worked together to find my niche in this saturated industry. I highly recommend Kelly for anyone who is in search of transforming everything from your business to yourself.”

— Robert M., Buffalo, New York


“I am so grateful for the guidance Kelly has provided as I pursue my dream of being a metaphysical entrepreneur. Not only has she given me realistic steps including marketing ideas and website design based on her own experience as a business owner; but more importantly, she has helped me identify and given me strategies to deal with my internal resistance (ego)  that distract me from my purpose.”


— Carla K., Plattsburgh, New York

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