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Reiki Treatment

Usui Reiki Master Level 4 Classes

Reiki Master Level 4 Classes

Facilitated by Kelly M. Ballard, Usui Reiki Master / Teacher

Tuition $600  (tuition can be paid per class if needed)

$100 non-refundable deposit required to secure your place


5 Week Class Starting on:

Saturday December 10, 2022

Sunday December 11, 2022

Saturday January 7, 2023

Saturday  January 28, 2023

Saturday February 18, 2023


Prerequisite:  a completion of Reiki Levels 1, 2, and 3 are required for this class.  If you have questions about your previous Reiki Levels, please do not hesitate to contact Kelly with those questions.  


Reiki is a sacred practice that requires respect and patience.  With that patience, the benefits that come into our lives because of the Reiki energy are not only limited to healing ourselves and others, but often times help to create meaningful experiences that affect all of life around us.


When practicing Reiki, you are opening yourself up to continual cycle of growth.  This cycle begins to awaken that true divine joy, love, happiness, and abundance that we all have inside ourselves.


People often think that the only reason to become a Reiki Master is to teach Reiki – this is not entirely the case.  Often times, students who pursue their Reiki Master certification do so to experience the additional healing energies, symbols, techniques, and knowledge of Reiki.


Achieving your Reiki Master certification will not only raise your over-all vibration – which adds to the greater good of all that is around us – but will also be a tool that you will always have with you, even if  it’s not until many years down the road you’d like to teach.  


Below you can find a brief outline of what our 5 weeks of Reiki Master certification will cover.  


Class #1: 

9am to 3:00pm   

·         Create Goals

·         30 Day Reiki Challenge

·         Review of Symbols & Self Attunements

·         Introduction of 3 New Master Symbols

·         Applying Symbols to Attunements

·         Q&A



Class #2:

9am to 3:00pm

·         Review Goals

·         Q&A

·         Master Symbol Test

·         Learn Table Positions

·         Review Psychic Surgery & Hooks

·         Preview Healing Attunements


Class #3:

9am to 3:00pm

·         Review Goals & Reiki Challenge

·         Q&A

·         Learn How to Attune Students to the next level of Reiki

·         Learn Healing Attunements for aliments or illness



Class #4:

9am to 3:00pm

·         Review Goals & Reiki Challenge

·         Q&A

·         Instruction on preparing to teach a class (materials needed, business practices, etc.)

·         How to Market your Reiki Business

·         More work with Table Positions 


Class #5:

9am to 3:00pm

·         Review Goals

·         Q&A

·         Final testing

·         Final Reiki Master Attunement

Tuition for Usui Reiki Master Level 4 is $600; a nonrefundable deposit of $100 will hold your place and a balance of $500 can be paid beforehand or on each day of the class.

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