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"Kelly provides a safe, supportive environment."

“My spiritual journey started with Kelly 9 years ago. I started with her weekend mediumship classes. I have taken several different workshops and classes over the course of the years. I also completed Reiki classes with Kelly and became a Reiki Master in 2014. Kelly provides a secure, safe, and supportive environment for her students. Kelly has assisted me in fostering my relationship with spirit. I am truly fortunate and grateful that I have the opportunity  to work with Kelly. I look forward to a future of learning and growing from Kelly.”


"Working with Kelly is a priceless gift."

“I have worked with Kelly with her as a coach and as a medium for the last 3 years. I have also gifted friends and family members sessions with her because of her beautiful, authentic nature and work. Every time I am with Kelly, I leave with more insight, more peace and more love in my heart. She truly can connect not only people on the other side, but people’s energies here and help you tap into the deepest and most love filled part of yourself. I really can’t recommend Kelly enough.  She is warm, honest, very gifted, loving and has a way of tapping in and giving information that feels like YOU are deeply connecting as well. I think ANYONE that would work with Kelly would leave with a priceless gift.  Anyone I have gifted a session with her to has thanked me profusely and I intend to give a lot more and to work with Kelly for a very long time to come. I am so deeply grateful for Kelly and her wisdom and gifts in my life.” 


"It's no exaggeration to say it was life-changing."


“I have been a client of Kelly's for many years. I have attended both readings and classes. All of which have been absolutely wonderful. For almost the past year, I have been a participant in Kelly's manifesting classes. I am not exaggerating in any way when I say they have been life-changing. It brings a smile to my face just to talk about it. Kelly is probably one of the most compassionate, authentic, and positive people I know. To be under her guidance has been a  true blessing. With Kelly I have learned life-long tools that are helping me to create my own wealth and abundance. In short, I have learned how to flip the script in my own head and in return I have become the gate-keeper to my own happiness. Truly life-changing and all thanks to Kelly.” 

"She helped me find direction for my business."


“Kelly is awesome to say the least! I first met her through a reading and she is as legit as it comes! She is very accurate and does not do any cold readings as others may do. I then started working with Kelly as a business coach and she helped me find direction for my business! She is amazing at what she does and gives sound advice. Kelly will also go the extra mile for you if you need help and she does it out of the kindness of her heart. I am now working on getting trained in Reiki and she is helping me develop in my mediumship as well. You don’t have to go in the field of being a medium to develop your skills and can implement them into any profession. I recommend Kelly to all of my friends and family who are open as well. She is just great to work with and I feel so grateful to have met her.”

"Kelly is an amazing teacher."


“I have had many readings from Kelly, and have taken her classes. Kelly is an amazing teacher. Her attention to detail, fairness and kindness is evident of everything she does.”

"I immediately feel a sense of peace, guidance and light."

“Kelly has truly been a blessing to myself, friends and family for years. Upon entering her office, I immediately feel a sense of peace, guidance and light. She has a positive energy that is immediately felt. Her guidance has helped myself and family feel calm and confidence to move forward. Her guidance comes from an energy that you might not understand at the time, but quickly falls into place. I always write notes and I am amazed how whatever Kelly states makes sense in time. I am forever thankful that our paths crossed in life and truly value every time we have an appointment. Forever thankful!!”


"Kelly delivers readings that are nothing short of amazing."

“I have been a client of Kelly’s for well over 11 years which started with private readings and message circles. The comfort and peace of the messages Kelly delivers during readings is nothing short of amazing.   For the last two years, I have been a student of hers, having taken many workshops and classes, including Reiki and Mediumship Development.  I could not have asked for a better mentor to help guide me through becoming a Reiki Practitioner and strengthening my mediumship abilities.  She is patient, kind, compassionate, motivating, encouraging and so supportive in helping her students and clients.  The personal growth I have achieved and continue to experience within this realm is 100 percent contributable to Kelly, as without her help, I would never have recognized the abilities I have within me.”


"Kelly will meet and exceed your expectations." 


“I am honored to be a student and customer of Kelly’s. I have been working with Kelly for over 5 years.  Kelly is professional, supportive, a great listener and goes out of her way to meet and exceed your expectations.  I look forward to every Reiki session and have been enriched by her talents and knowledge.  Kelly has a keen ability to ask the right questions and how to address them in a meaningful way.  I would highly recommend Kelly to anyone.”

"I knew I was in safe hands with her infinite skills as a Medium."

“I have been fortunate to know Kelly for several years. Being a counselor. I have always held the belief that everyone can benefit from counseling. For myself, I have always felt a counseling relationship with a sixth sense professional was the most helpful for me. Once I met Kelly, I recognized what a gifted, well read and talented medium, counsel, and teacher she is. I knew I was in safe hands with her infinite skills as a Medium. She exceeds expectations from your first reading and as your relationship grows, you sense when you need her skills as a professional to guide and enhance your journey. Whether it is about relationships, career changes or health concerns, Kelly is right there with you, through her gifts and skills as an empath. You leave your time with her refreshed and you are ready to heed her word, knowing you have a direction that wasn’t obvious to you before your time with her!  Kelly provides guidance and insight when you need it the most. She is encouraging, enlightening , and if you are smart enough to attend her classes, very generous with sharing her vast knowledge. From attending her mediumship classes, I feel more open and courageous to explore the world of sixth sense people. I feel very fortunate to know such a talented, kind and special person like Kelly Ballard.”


"She helped me develop skills to manage anxiety and stress."


“I enjoy readings with Kelly so much, I get so much out of them, reassurance, guidance, hope, laughter and sometimes tears.  I also took a workshop with Kelly that helped develop skills to manage anxiety and stress.  I am so grateful for Kelly and the work she is doing and the guidance she has provided me.“

"I was so impressed with her clarity and attention to detail."


“I have had the pleasure of learning from and receiving amazing messages and readings from Kelly.  She's such a bright light. Her energy and desire to connect us to ourselves and loved ones is absolutely authentic. My initial introduction to Kelly was part of a message circle. I was so impressed with her clarity and attention to detail. I also recall feeling quite emotional hearing messages for others in the circle. That experience compelled me to take a beginner mediumship course afterwards. I have also received private readings, attended workshops, and  submitted "2 Burning Questions". Kelly's passion and knowledge of the spirit world and their desire to communicate with us is palpable. She is warm, direct, and articulates multiple feelings/ energies as she's conveying the information she is receiving.  As a teacher, she is encouraging, patient, and is full of fun examples as to how spirit has taught her about our worlds and how we can receive signs and messages ourselves. It feels like talking to your friend over coffee during a reading.  Although she has no idea what questions I will bring to my reading, she always seems to hit on the information I came to get some clarity on. She is approachable, genuine, and cares about her clients and their loved ones. See for yourself. Get a reading. Kelly is the real deal! “ 

"The information that came through was exactly what I needed to know."

“I’ve leaned on, and treasure the spiritual guidance that Kelly has given me over the many years that I’ve known her.  The way she delivers her messages is done in a very comforting and positive way.  The information that comes forth has always resonated with me, and has been exactly what I needed to know.  I’ve become a huge fan of Kelly’s 2 Burning Questions Sometimes there’s something that I might be feeling some anxiety around, or need some clarity on.  With my busy schedule, it’s not always easy to schedule a live reading.  Having this option has allowed me to compose my questions, and then receive back a voice recording of Kelly’s response within a relatively short amount of time.  Most recently, I was feeling beyond nervous about an upcoming surgical procedure - absolutely petrified.   I was worried about the procedure itself, and details about my recovery.  When Kelly sent back my recording, I was actually scared to listen to it, convinced there would be something that justified my anxiety.  But, as it turned out, I couldn’t have been more grateful.  I literally cried tears of relief as Kelly gave me the information I needed to help settle me down, and to know how happy my future self would be on the other side of it all.  I listened to that message anytime I started to go back down the “worry hole”, and it always pulled me back out.  The surgery was 7 weeks ago, and it all worked out just the way Kelly said it would.  She’s an angel.  Truly. “


"Her messages always leave me feeling empowered and inspired."

“I Absolutely adore Kelly and her process as a Medium, Healer, Teacher, Business Coach, Counselor and Minister. That's right- I have experienced all the previously mentioned hats Kelly interchangeably wears seamlessly. I think I would have to start a blog post on all the different topics to adequately share how profound and instrumental this multi-talented (oh and incredibly humble let me add) woman has been in my life. I have long enjoyed and benefited from walking a spiritual path with Kelly’s unique connection and insights into the higher realms. Her over bubbling of love and compassion for others provides a warmth and comfort for all to unapologetically be themselves. Reminding me/us of my/our own brilliance and connection to source energy that is so easily forgotten about in the throws of everyday reality. This has been big for me! Kelly has assisted in my growth and connection with my higher self. It all started with a weekend (I believe her intuitive development) class and I was hooked. I felt it was the first time in my life someone understood and had such articulate words on who my inside person was and hiding beneath the outside version of myself that so many thought they knew. Little did I know how vast and broad that connection could be to my higher self and the higher dimensions. Eight years later and I still eagerly look forward to ALL of Kelly’s classes. There is something to take away from all of them. Little nuggets of wisdom that have helped me to be a better human, mom, wife, business owner, daughter and friend to all. I love Kelly’s respect for the sacred work she helps to facilitate. Not positioning her self as a superior to others who choose to connect into source, the universe, “God of your own understanding” whatever your comfortable calling it in the way that is comfortable for each individual. Kelly connects in through love (divine love - the highest vibration in my opinion) Providing her message work with so much clarity, encouragement, and inspiration. The messages I get from Kelly always leave me feeling empowered and inspired. Kelly is a true Medium for us. Sometimes I think of her like an antenna ( a big one lol) becoming a clear channel that is set on some of the highest frequencies in our universe. Allowing for information (wisdom, higher teachings, insights) to flow through her in a way that is easier for us to understand, embody and apply in our everyday lives. I’m incredibly grateful for her soul continuing to be a source of love, hope and faith for humanity.”


"The sense of peace & comfort Kelly has provided has been a precious gift."


"I have been a student medium of Kelly’s for several years. I’ve also had readings with Kelly which have assisted me greatly in terms of dealing with the loss of family members. The sense of peace and comfort Kelly has provided has been a precious gift I hold dear in my heart. Through classes and readings with Kelly, my experiences have opened my eyes to the infinite wonder of Spirit and has deepened my faith in the Divine. In Reiki classes with Kelly, I have discovered my gift for healing, which I happily provide to my family and friends. I am now a Reiki Master, which has also enhanced my practice as a medical professional. Thank you Kelly, for providing others with such opportunities, and for sharing YOUR gifts to the world!

"After a reading from Kelly, you won't go anywhere else."

“I first met Kelly at my first reading I booked with her some years ago.  I was nervous, to say the least, but the moment I saw her and her beautiful smile, I felt like I was just sitting down to chat with a good friend.  Kelly is very friendly, compassionate and really listens to you.  Her messages, from spirit and loved ones are amazing and spot on.  Once you have a reading with Kelly, you won’t want to have a reading anywhere else. After my first reading and finding out Kelly also taught many wonderful classes, I became one of her students.  I could go on all day about the great things I learned and the jaw dropping fantastic things that I experienced during my classes, but you should experience them with her for yourself!  I will always be grateful that my path crossed with Kelly’s, and you will too.”


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