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Speaker Inquiries

Looking to book Kelly for an interview or as a guest speaker at an upcoming event?


Kelly is available to be booked for guest speaking engagements including radio, podcast and telesummit interviews as well as live speaking events 


A fourth-generation Intuitive Medium who has been working with Spirit for over 24 years.  As an ordained Spiritualist Minister, Spiritual Coach & Healer, and Reiki Master and Teacher, she considers herself to be a channel between you and Spirit, and is committed to helping people find the answers and healing they are seeking to live their best lives.  She is honored to do the work that Spirit allows her to do, and believes that there is no limit to our own spiritual growth. Whatever journey you are on – connecting with Spirits, Loved-Ones, Spirit Guides, or Furry Loved-Ones, Manifesting Your Most Incredible Life and Digging into the Law of Attraction, Healing Your Energy with Reiki and Energy Work, Spoiling Yourself with a Class or Workshop, and everything else in between – she sincerely thank you for letting her be a part of it with you.




Kelly M. Ballard is a fourth-generation Medium and Intuitive based in upstate NY. She has more than two decades of professional experience using her Mediumship and Healing abilities and is also an Ordained Minister, Spiritual Coach, Reiki Master & Teacher and former radio show host. Kelly considers herself to be that "channel" between you and Spirit and is committed to serving people by helping them to find the answers and healing that they are seeking. She wholeheartedly believes that there is no limit to where we can grow spiritually. In addition, Kelly has routinely been invited to perform Mediumistic Consultations and Speaking Engagements for Businesses, Community Groups & Organizations and University Classrooms all across the country.  In addition to her work as a Medium, Kelly provides various types of Healing modalities to my clients including:  Reiki, Shamanism, Sound Healing, Tapping, Kirlian Photography, and Energy Work.  Kelly also has extension training utilizing the Law of Attraction and Manifesting, and Coach clients on how to bring those tools into daily practice. 


  • Various NY area fundraisers for Community Organizations, Schools & Private Corporations

  • Live group talks on the topics of Meditation, Manifesting, Keeping High Vibrational Energy Habits, Real Estate Property Clearing

  • Spoke to group of Psychology Students about Grief and Spirituality


The Kelly Ballard Show: Insight and Inspiration From the Great Beyond

Broadcast on Transformation Talk Radio and BBM Radio



The Dr. Pat Show - Transformation Talk Radio June 2015 & July 2015 & October 2015


The Jimmy Mack Healing Radio Show July 2018 & January 2019 


Kelly was also a frequent guest on “Natural Instincts” on WTBN 1370am, based out of Bennington, Vermont, was a regular guest on a daily morning show on 104.9 The Edge, in Albany, NY


Please contact me directly with all inquiries.

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