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[MP3 Download] Manifesting 102 - Pivoting & Stepping into Alignment

  • In this advanced LOA webinar, Kelly will lead participants in several exercises to step into the divine right of attracting their best life, help to shift perspective that YOU ARE WORTH having it all, and support you in identifying the three key ingredients to live your best life.  

    As you dig deeper into LOA and Manifesting - two of the most important pieces to be successful are learning to Pivot and how to step into Alignment.  The law of attraction is inclusive: It is designed to simply attract you, more of your object of focus.  This means that the LOA cannot differentiate what is right or wrong for you and what you want or do not want. It will simply attract to your life, more of what your focus is on. 


    Through pivoting we turn away from our conditioned negative bias toward our positive future vision and then are able to seek and aspire feelings of well-being, thriving, success, and happiness.  And in doing so we consciously and actively attune ourselves to those vibrations and shift into Alignment. 

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