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[MP3 Download] Complete Manifestation Mastery Audio Series

  • Buy the complete Manifestation Mastery Audio Series of training webinars, including all 4 digital downloads, and SAVE $68 during this INTRODUCTORY LAUNCH ONLY! 

    For 12 days only during this initial launch period of June 6th - June 17th ... these instant downloads are being discounted and will NEVER BE PRICED THIS LOW AGAIN!!


    Zip file download Includes 4 mp3s:

    1) 30-days to Shift Your Life - The Manifesting Challenge

    30-day immersion process to kickstart your commitment and focus on manifesting your desire.

    Run time 22:18


    2) Manifesting 101 - The Basic Framework

    "Utilizing Law of Attraction" Webinar

    Run time 30:22​


    3) Manifesting 102 - Ramp Up Your Manifesting Game

    "Pivoting and Stepping Into Alignment" Webinar 

    Run time 18:50


    4) Manifesting 103 - Advanced Money Manifestation

    "Attracting and Creating Abundance, Prosperity & Wealth Webinar"

    Run time: 46:12

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