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[MP3 DOWNLOAD] BEGINNINGS: Guided Meditation for Spiritual Growth

  • This digital download gave me the pleasure of working with the very talented Creative Recordist and Composer, Peter Koniuto.  Peter has created some of the most brilliant and peaceful meditative music that I have ever heard.


    This BEGINNINGS recording is great for both the beginning meditator AND for those who regularly meditate. Regardless of your level of meditative experience, each of these tracks was fashioned for you to journey as deep as your spirit will allow. We hope that this recording will help you in your spiritual growth as you start many new Beginnings.


    There are a total of five tracks on this 61 min MP3, delivered in a .zip file format.


    Track 1:  An Abundance of Love

    Track 2:  A Staircase to Enlightenment

    Track 3:  Restorative Healing

    Track 4:  Ocean's Reconnecting Journey

    Track 5:  Native Elements

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