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Who Are You Being Called to Be?

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

It’s so hard to believe that in just over two months, we’ll be starting another new year. I have been having these moments often lately, of feeling like I’m still wiggling into 2020 - not certain where the past two years have gone. Those moments for me, aren’t really good or bad --- but just this odd awareness of how still I think many people (including myself) are feeling right now. Spirit has given me some really interesting analogies to share with clients about this energy - from calling it *treading water* to just a simple pause. Although I’m still waiting to hear what the big lessons are from Spirit - I know that I’m ready to move forward.

Sometimes when we hit a roadblock – a crisis, a problem, a stressor, a pause – it feels so stressful and overwhelming that the only option available seems to feel like we just have to tip-over. And I think that tipping is okay - because it means we are recognizing that we want to shift and grow, and move through whatever roadblock has moved into our energy or experience. So while reflecting with Spirit, I thought I’d try something different for this newsletter -- below is a brief 10-minute meditation that you can use to help you let go of the road blocks, the worries, the feelings of helplessness, the lack of control, or even some shame, guilt, or blame that might be popping up.

Give it a listen, and then continue reading below, for some support and debriefing.

So, if you have finished the meditation --- YOU, as an individual are now the witness within and outside your problem, worry, or emotion. You can now easily focus on its pure meaning and spiritual challenge. Nothing really has to be complicated or confusing. You can locate the simplicity and lightness of your being through mindful practices like our meditation above, and you can listen to it over and over again, to help you shift what’s sitting at the surface.

We each have this inner inclination to be open to what is for our highest and best good, and some people might even call it MINDFULNESS.

Mindfulness means simply noticing our feelings and paying attention to them rather than seeking a refuge in serenity or disregard.

When tragedy or crisis strikes in our lives, how tempted are we to ask: ‘What did I do to deserve this?’ This is a normal guilt reaction – but perhaps now, we allow ourselves to shift toward a more highly evolved, spiritual alternative -- “This is not about what I did. This is about what I am called to be.”

And here’s something to chew on, and just be opened minded… Everything that happens is about how we are called to be all that we can be, not about how bad we were or how victimized we were. How have the tragedies and crises in your life opened the door to new beginnings or helped you to find your own truth? Have they led you to show more love, and made you more compassionate toward the understanding of others? When you focus on these questions, you make what has happened workable in the ongoing unfolding of YOUR heroic story, your life journey!

And as I conclude – I will leave you with these thoughts from Spirit…

  • You can be broken down and I will hold and love you that way.

  • You can fall apart and I will hold and love you that way.

  • You can have nothing to offer for now and I will hold and love you that way.

  • You can be at your lowest point and I will hold and love you that way.

  • You can be depressed, wounded, or distraught and I will hold and love you that way.

  • I will do this with no insistence that you need to be fixed, because I know and trust that this is all part of your journey and I will always love you, that way.

Please know that you and your families are in my daily intentions and prayers for health, safety, healing, prosperity, and well-being. As's such an honor getting to serve Spirit and work with each of you. Thank you for all your referrals, kind words, positive energy, and well, just being you...YOU are why I love the work I get to do each and every day.

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sarah rose
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