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Shift, Heal & Clear Your Personal Energy - NEW WEBINAR

I am FINALLY ready to launch the first in a series of upcoming recorded webinars which will be added to the Reflective Harmony Spiritual Store with many more coming in 2023!

In this Energetic Symposium, we will touch on various aspects and you are going to learn how to shift, clear, enhance and heal energy to create a peaceful anxiety-free, loving, supportive and nurturing environment. I am going to be introducing you to a process called “Creating Sacred Space for Life” and you’ll be learning ways to balance your energy and clear out negativity once and for all and so much more!

I’ll teach you several techniques from dealing with draining individuals, managing health issues that come on, to those psychic attacks that people often hear about. And we're going to debunk some fears and myths with all of that too.

This 38-minute recorded audio webinar is designed to be listened to over and over so you can deepen your understanding, energy and connection to this information.

Get the Energetic Symposium: Creating Sacred Space for Life MP3 for just $29 In celebration of this launch, I am offering an introductory discount of $10 OFF.

The sale pricing will run from Dec. 6th through the 16th.


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