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Manifestation Mastery Training

The fact that you’re interested in Manifestation Mastery at all means that you are ready to change and shift your life. I promise you, you have a truck load of people on the other side that will be supporting you and cheering you on if you choose to go on this adventure! And I promise you, amazing things are just right in front of you just waiting for you to gobble them all up!

In my experience, it’s very common for people to become overwhelmed by the Law of Attraction and the manifestation process. The whole purpose of our soul is to learn and grow and to evolve.


So if we can use the properties and principles within the Law of Attraction, and specifically manifesting to live our best life with ease. to live a life with value and words... why not take advantage of that and utilize that power to attract all of that in? 


This is what I am honored to offer to you for advanced training and support.

Play the video below to hear more!

#1)  PRIVATE COACHING  A great option if you are looking for ME to do all the heavy lifting. Sessions can be done in person or by phone -- and we’ll work together to identify all the abundance you would like to have in your life and then create very simple ways to bring all of that and more into your energy field!  




#2)  6-MONTH VIRTUAL WORKSHOP - The Art of Manifestation

  • This is recommended for those people who are looking to shift toward making manifestation and LoA an everyday part of your life. Maybe you’ve taken some of the webinars or had a coaching session with me and you’re really ready to ramp things up this is definitely the way to go!

  • 6 classes over 6 months via our virtual classroom which is set to go at your own pace

  • Open enrollment is limited to 2 times per year

  • You get both one-on-one and LIVE group attention with me

  • Here we really dig into just about every single pocket of your life.

the Manifestation Mastery Audio Series


The whole series of manifesting audios to allow you to really move your Law of Attraction and manifesting game to the next level. 

YES, it takes effort, focus and intention and commitment to become a master manifestor, but I can help take out the overwhelm and make it FUN!  Manifesting doesn’t have to be hard or take a long time.


If you are just testing the waters and want to take some baby steps, there’s nothing wrong with that… then these stand alone pre-recorded webinar mp3s will work REALLY well for you especially if you work with them together as a full collection in order.  


These pre-recorded webinars are designed to be listened to over and over so that with each listen, you can deepen your connection and understanding of the universal law of energy that allows you to manifest an abundant life. The complete series of manifesting audios will allow you to really move your Law of Attraction and manifesting game to the NEXT LEVEL!

Each audio works beautifully as a stand alone piece. 

 But if you buy the series of 4 bundle, you'll save $$!

(see offer at bottom of page)


[MP3 DOWNLOAD]  The Manifestation Challenge

"Shift Your Life in 30-Days" 

30-day immersion process to kickstart your commitment and focus on manifesting your desire.


  • Jot things down in a notebook - keep in sacred space

  • Trust that you will be given everything you need to create the life that you want.

  • Spend a day or 2 on each step - jot down any resistance, aha moments, can start day 1 whenever you choose.  Literally every day for the next 30 days- you are following the steps, you’re spending some time daydreaming and focusing on those manifestations and see what comes together. The idea of 30 days comes from the notion that it takes 30 days to break an old habit or 30 days to start a new one. Commit and make this part of your new normal.

[MP3 DOWNLOAD]  Manifesting 101 - The Basic Framework

"Utilizing Law of Attraction" Webinar

A popular starting place: What is it? How do we step into it? How do we move forward? This webinar is designed to be listened to over and over So that with each listen, you can deepen your connection and understanding of the universal law of energy that allows you to manifest an abundant life.

  • Definition of abundance (both great and not so great) & what is manifesting?

  • What are the do’s and don’ts of manifestation language?

  • How you will notice your life is shifting and changing.

  • How to focus on manifesting in your everyday life.

  • How to make space to receive more abundance.

  • What can you manifest? It’s limitless!!

  • What’s the difference between creating a “spiritual grocery list” vs. a vision board?

  • Learn the “intentionally intending” process to create your OWN daily manifestation mantra.

  • Manifestation comes down to communication - - so watch your language! :)

  • *I recommend that you download the 30-day Challenge webinar using steps 1-5.  Gets you into the initial steps and gets you comfortable with the steps.

[MP3 DOWNLOAD]  Manifesting 102 - Ramp Up Your Manifesting Game

"Pivoting and Stepping Into Alignment" Webinar 

This webinar is designed to be listened to over and over so that with each listen, you can deepen your connection and understanding and skill of using manifesting tools and the Law of Attraction basics.

  • Two most important areas: Pivoting and Stepping into Alignment

  • Releasing the blocks and restrictions and the places where we stumble with LoA

  • How to implement these processes into your life

  • LoA attracts what your attention is focused on in the language of vibration

  • Learn the pivoting technique which helps you shift your thought vibrations/ frequency from lack to abundance

  • Notice your thought patterns and your true focus - is it on what you DO want or what you DON'T want - often focused on the lack - rather than on the expectation of receiving it

  • Pivoting will save you a lifetime of struggle and confusion

  • Using the What if? Game to pivot: Pivoting turn away our conditioned negative bias/conclusions toward our positive future vision & new unknown possibilities

  • It’s about inspiration, feeling ecstatic and wonderful and like everything is right - your actions flow naturally and you KNOW the next step to take naturally, you’re in flow and in the zone

[MP3 DOWNLOAD]  Manifesting 103 - Advanced Money Manifestation

"Attracting and Creating Abundance, Prosperity & Wealth" Webinar

Get ready to up the LOA / Manifesting ante around wealth, abundance, and prosperity, and allow yourself to feel a completeness that you haven’t ever experienced before around abundance.  Together, we’ll work through the 3 Big Blocks to Abundance, clear those and shift ourselves into an abundance mindset, and move into the fool-proof ways to bring the abundance in.  

When we jump into the whole world of manifesting, one of the most popular topics that I help clients and students with is manifesting money, abundance, wealth, and overall prosperity.  As much as we may not want to admit it - money is often what makes the world go round.   It is what allows us to be “taken care of” - allows us to take care of others - and allows an overall sense of ease within our lives. 

So whether you are looking to release old patterns with your relationship with money, looking to release debt once and for all, looking to create a new relationship with money and savings, looking to set up an easy, abundant, and bright financial future, or to just embrace an overall mindset of abundance and prosperity in a way you possibly have NEVER yet imagined ---  this is a HUGE lesson for all us. 

  • Giving you step by step approaches that work!

  • Action plan items that help you move forward with this

  • Includes exercises like the Prosperity Game 

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