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What are the two (2) Burning Questions about where your life if headed?

I will connect in and get detailed insights from Spirit to help guide you! With my new recorded mini-reading, you can write out your 2 burning questions and you'll receive an 8-12 minute mp3 recording containing the insights, direction, clarity, healing and support that you need... and you can reflect upon it even after the initial response.
Play this video if you want to hear more about how it works.

Two (2) Burning Questions
Recorded Mini-Reading
Receive personalized insights from Spirit
Get it within 7 business days.
Delivered by email
MP3 / 8-12 min. in length

 Only $40 

We all know that sometimes life throws us a curve-ball and we find ourselves on an unexpected path wondering which way is up. 


We look in both directions, hoping for some answers, guidance, or support and sometimes just need a little “divine insight” to help us shift our circumstances or truly know how to proceed. 


Whether it might be the loss of a loved-one, a change in one’s career path, or a shift in relationship, whatever it is... I wanted to offer a brief way for my clients to receive direct, spot-on guidance from Spirit with a fast turnaround.  

This new service lets you Submit the 2 Pressing, Urgent, Burning Questions that you have about your curve-ball, shifted path, or situation --  and I’ll email you back a recorded response full of detailed, meaty, fine-tuned insights from Spirit (mp3 format) within 7 business days of receipt of questions/payment. 

"This woman is a amazing. I have had two readings and one was better than the next. Actually, I’ve had 3. Two private readings, and one was in a room full of about 200 people and my mom found me. If you really want to connect with spirit, Kelly is the one to call. It is like you are speaking directly to your loved one."  ~ Donna Dauria - Facebook Commenter (Sept. 2020)

Important Information to Note for Purchasing this Type of Reading:

When listing your 2 questions, think about the clarity of the question you’re asking;  for example when asking about a relationship instead of saying, “tell me about my relationship?” - consider phrasing,  “what can you see about my marriage to Bob, or my romantic relationship to Susan, and where it is going?”   Also, once the reading has been completed and emailed, I disconnect the energy I receive from you and your reading.   If you find yourself having more questions, you are welcome to reach out to me to set up a 30 or 60 minute Phone Reading for more insight, support, and back/forth dialogue together.  

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