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Kelly M Ballard

Medium, Intuitive Consultant, Coach, Minister,
Usui Reiki Master & Teacher

Meet Kelly

Welcome! I am a fourth-generation Intuitive Medium who has been working with Spirit for over 24 years. As an ordained Spiritualist Minister, Spiritual Coach & Healer, and Reiki Master and Teacher, I consider myself to be a channel between you and Spirit, and I am committed to helping people find the answers and healing they are seeking to live their best lives.


I am honored to do the work that Spirit allows me to do, and I believe that there is no limit to our own spiritual growth. Whatever journey you are on – connecting with Spirits, Loved-Ones, Spirit Guides, or Furry Loved-Ones, Manifesting Your Most Incredible Life and Digging into the Law of Attraction, Healing Your Energy with Reiki and Energy Work, Spoiling Yourself with a Class or Workshop, and everything else in between – I sincerely thank you for letting me be a part of it with you.


Mediumship Reading and Coaching


Intuitive Mediumship & Recorded Mini-Readings

Offering 60 minute Mediumship and Recorded Mini- Readings for individuals and groups

In-Person, Phone, or Zoom.

Zen Stones

Law of Attraction

Manifestation Coaching

Private Coaching with Kelly to learn the tools of manifestation so you can be in alignment to attracting your desires.

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New Aura & Chakra Analysis Readings

Aura & Chakra Analysis Readings and EFT Tapping with a Personalized Recipe

Energy Healing, Reiki Training, Ministry Services


Energy Healing

1 on 1 Energy Work & Elevated Energy Healing Sessions utilizing a blend of techniques from my Mediumship to Reiki to customize a healing​ ​session to meet your specific needs.  


Usui Reiki Classes Level 1, 2, 3 & Master

Find out when I'll be hosting the next round of Level 1, Level 2 (Practitioner), Level 3 (A.R.T) and Level 4 (Reiki Master) classes.

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Ministry Services 

 Celebrations of Life, Funerals &  Committals, Memorial Services, Shamanic Fire Ceremonies,  and Pastoral Grief Counseling

Spiritual Store, Intuitive Workshops, & Events 


Reflective Harmony Spiritual Store

Visit the brand new online store  to shop for Gift Certificates, Guided Meditation Downloads, and fresh new Spiritual Workshop recordings. 


Art of Manifestation

 Virtual Workshop

6 Monthly Video Lessons on the Art of Manifesting, plus LIVE Coaching, 1:1's, and private group interaction.


Working w/Spirit Guides, Crystals, Space Clearing

Look at my calendar for a list of upcoming events including:  Advanced Energy Healing, Space Clearing, Working with Spirit Guides, and more.

Available Services





“I have had many readings from Kelly, and have taken her classes. Kelly is an amazing teacher. Her attention to detail, fairness and kindness is evident of everything she does.”


“I am honored to be a student and customer of Kelly’s. I have been working with Kelly for over 5 years.  Kelly is professional, supportive, a great listener and goes out of her way to meet and exceed your expectations."


I enjoy readings with Kelly so much, I get so much out of them, reassurance, guidance, hope, laughter and sometimes tears.  I also took a workshop with Kelly that helped develop skills to manage anxiety and stress.  I am so grateful for Kelly and the work she is doing and the guidance she has provided me." 


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