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Meet  Kelly

Welcome! I am a fourth-generation Intuitive Medium who has been working with Spirit for over 24 years. As an ordained Spiritualist Minister, Spiritual Coach & Healer, and Reiki Master and Teacher, I consider myself to be a channel between you and Spirit, and I am committed to helping people find the answers and healing they are seeking to live their best lives.


I am honored to do the work that Spirit allows me to do, and I believe that there is no limit to our own spiritual growth. Whatever journey you are on – connecting with Spirits, Loved-Ones, Spirit Guides, or Furry Loved-Ones, Manifesting Your Most Incredible Life and Digging into the Law of Attraction, Healing Your Energy with Reiki and Energy Work, Spoiling Yourself with a Class or Workshop, and everything else in between – I sincerely thank you for letting me be a part of it with you.

Upcoming Events

Reiki Level 1

Next class: Sunday, May 5, 2024 - 9am to 3pm

All Reiki Level Classes include – a lecture, attunement for each appropriate Reiki Level, sharing, demonstrations, and ample practice time which will allow students to become familiar and comfortable with their Reiki skills.

Practical Mediumship & Working with Spirit

(a 4-Part Class) 

Tuesdays, 3/19, 4/16, 4/30, & 5/7 from 6pm to 830pm

This 4-part class is based on an approach that has proven to open the doors of Spirit communication for the participants, that I have used for YEARS, as well as taught to hundreds of others. 

Advanced Energy Healing

(6-Part Class beginning May 28th, 2024)

You asked…so I’m delivering!  

In this beautiful time of individual and collective transformation and growth, as healers we are feeling a draw to shift our own energy, raise our vibration, level-up, choose ourselves, and of course change up the energy in how we navigate the various work we do with others.  But in order to do ANY of this, we need to step into our wholeness spiritually, emotionally, physically, and energetically and align our energy with the divine.

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